Add loops to the loop browser

I have a lot of loops in my computer, apple loops from a Logic installation and aif files.
Is there a way to add these files to the loop browser to audition them here?
I know that I have to suply them with tags to sort them, but anyway it would be nice have them inside Cubase 7.

Hi Musicmind,

You can browse the files on your machine in the left pane of mediabay under File System, from there tick the box beside the folder your wavs are in, it will index them and you can audition them in the usual way, from the right hand pane.
Not sure about .aiff, I only have .wav…

In case the OP’s asking about actual Apple Loops which are .caf files (seems possible), Cubase can’t read those, but they can be converted to .aif. All the metadata would be lost, but it sounds like you know that, Musicmind.

Check out this page for a way to do the conversion in batches: MacOS: How to convert CAF sound files to AIF, MP3, WAV, AU, etc. |

Once done you can use MediaBay to organize/tag them. You might have to check off the directories (in the Define Locations Pane) in which the files live for MediaBay to see them.

Aha, good point, Steve. Purely Cubase here, no knowledge of such other DAWs, good call…

I’d better add that: the method I posted to convert the files also messes with the sound. In one sample the .caf file had reverberation that was lacking in the aif version. so there are probably better ways to convert. Probably Logic would do a better job! :blush: