Add midi inserts tab to Left zone tabs in key editor

Hello Steingberg, It would be very helpful to be able to access midi inserts (aparche right at the left zone tab of key editor without having to leave the editor to project view just to add a midi insert. Please consider this.

Very much agree here

exactly, there is enough space for it to fit.

Really messes with my workflow tbh

Having played with it a bit now, overall I feel they jumped to release it mid beta to try and not fall behind the others who have either just done or about to do major updates.
There’s just too many little things like this that just aren’t it atm

This ?

yes but what i’m saying is it should be added at key editor’s left zone(see my screesnhot) as well, so that while u’re editing midi u could just load up a midi insert without having to exit the key editor to the project view

ah got it, yes good request

But you can open the editor on the lower zone and have this:

i don’t use the editors in lower zone because the space is too small, so i view it in standalone

if you adjust like this you don´t loose almost nothing, you have 10+ octaves on the vertical and same length on the horizontal. And still have the left zone MIDI inserts.

this is when i fully expand mine. its still too small. Also why is there a huge space at where i put the question mark? I need those keys right at bar one to audition the notes when creating midi

on top of it, u don’t get access to the left zone(scale assistant e.t.c) when using key editor in lower zone.

you can adjust size here

and this space with ? show that the midi event doesn´t start at bar 1, you can take out this space sliding this on the bottom:

the scoll bar only adjust vertical zooom, not vertical width of the key editor. from my screenshot i’m having just octaves with the zoom setting i dialed in is not enough .

when you click on the editor it appears (scale assistant etc.) then when you click on the track the other options appear ( midi insert etc.) its quite useful and good work flow. But any way i think your request is meaningful.

okay vote then

okay seen