Add monitor Cubase 10.5

I am running Monterey 12.6.2

When I ran Cubase 10.5 on High Sierra, I could add the mixer screen to my second monitor with a shortcut key. That shortcut does not work with Monterey.

My question is what setting within Cubase 10.5 do I set for adding adding an additional monitor.

Thank you.

I never used Mac. But on Windows, the computer would automatically recognize the second monitor. And when I open the mixer in Cubase, and move it to the 2nd screen, Cubase remembers it. So every time I open the mixer (by pressing F3), it opens on the 2nd screen. F3 is the default key to open the mixer, so I didn’t have to setup a shortcut.

Hey, thanks.

The OS on the mac is not as intuitive as Windows.

You’re lucky.