Add Multiple Channels to a Link Group at same time

Hey all! Using Cubase Pro11, latest update on Mac Catalina. I’ve done some internet and Steinberg Cubase forum scouring, but can’t seem to figure out how to do things across multiple tracks at the same time in the Mixer. In this case, I am trying to add several channels to an existing Link Group (associated with a VCA) at the same time instead of clicking three times on each channel to do so. This video hopefully shows what I am trying to do more clearly.

I also want to be able to do things like adding the same insert plugin to multiple channels at the same time, which I would think would use the same key command (it’s kind of a universal thing in ProTools, which is what I know best, so just my frame of reference). I looked at this rather old thread and thought that after selecting the multiple channels I could use Shift + Option + Left Click but it doesn’t work (see video). Perhaps I need a custom Macro for these sorts of things, but seems like it should be out of the box? Tried Quick Link for those channels, but no go either.

Thanks for any help!


Quick link button should work on the most things you are tried… except the VCA thing…
Did you checked the manual?
for the VCA there was a right click menu command I think…

Hi Steffen-
Thanks for the reply! Yeah- I tried Quick Linking but no dice. I’ve looked in the manual but certainly could be missing something. The right click menu includes an option to add all selected channels to a new VCA, but not to an existing Link Group/VCA. Continuing to research :nerd_face:

You can insert the same plug-in into multiple channels (and/or simultaneously tweak each parameter of those multiple channels) using Q link. If it doesn’t work for you, there’s something else going on.

However, you can’t “add” to an existing link group or vca as easily (Note that Q link is a different thing than a link group). I consider this an omission, Q-link should work for this purpose too.)

Thanks, ggmanestraki! Doh! Wish I had thought to try the Q-Link for adding insert plugins and sends to multiple selected tracks–thank you! Yeah- I’m definitely clear on the diff btwn Q-Link and a Link Group-- just wish there was an easier way to add new channels to an existing Link Group at once, but c’est la vie. Agreed- Q-Link seems like the right thing for that, based on the other things it can link together.

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if enabled Q-Link button works with Add Multiple Channels to a Link Group at same time, That will be nice.
+1 for this feature…

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