Add MXF video playback

I work in a broadcast environment and we use MXF video only. This is the only feature that is making me hold to Protools as my daily driver. Please add this, I can’t believe anyone doing serious post production audio not needing this.


would be a nice feature!
meanwhile I’m converting .mxf videos to DNxHD (or any other container/format) with the ER Media Toolkit from audiospot


Thumbs up as well to ER Media ToolKit.

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I have a lot of files to work with:( will try the ER media software to test, which version shall I buy?! They have so many similar ones?! I am surprised how Strindberg is sleeping on this one!

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@bashar buy the ER Media ToolKit Pro bundle.
Then you have everything you might need and it is very cheap for what you get imho.

Thank you so much! Perfect timing to buy (Black Friday):grinning:

ER Media Toolkit is the very-very best



Indeed, can’t go without it…