Add new instruments to one particular flow

Hi, I working on a file with multiple flows. I need to add 4 new instruments just to one of 15 flows. Is there a way to add them as deactivated instruments and activated them just for one selected flow instead of adding them to all flows at once and deselecting them MANUALLY in ALL (!) remaining 14 flows? It takes time as Dorico with multiflow project is not so fast as usual. Please advise. Thank you

If you do it players-first, i.e. make a multiple selection of the players in the Players panel, then you should be able to deactivate the relevant checkbox in each flow in the Flows panel, so you only have to do 14 clicks instead of 14 x 5 clicks. Make sure you’re viewing a part layout with only a single tab open, as well, which should speed things up because there will be less for Dorico to recalculate after every change in flow inclusion.

Thank you Daniel for your answer. I think I found an another way today. I selected all 15 existing flows in Setup mode and deactivated these instruments. Then I selected a particular flow and activated these 4 instruments. 8 clicks😊