Add new music symbol in editor

Hello, I’m pretty new and use dorico for about 3 weeks (version 3.5). Before I use(d) Sibelius, Finale and Encore also Notator (the very first program on Atari) aso. My question is, if I can add a new music symbol in editing music symbols. I would like to add some special charakters in metronome marks but in my dorico this subgroup ist empty. So I would like to add my own symbol. Can I do this and how? Thanks. Regards Michael.

Metronome marks are part of the tempo markings, which are semantically empowered in Dorico. I don’t know what you are trying to achieve (a picture could be useful) but you’ll probably need to use a system text or playing technique workaround. Would you mind showing what you want to do, and people could help you make it happen?

Also, you can’t add new symbols. You can only modify existing ones.