Add new path i presses "rescan all" nothing happens

after i added new path i presses “rescan all” to Update the list.
And then the main window is written “scannig” And nothing happens,Cubase stuck.

I’m doing something wrong?

To Reproduce: Plug-in Manager
2.go to add new path
3.add folder “rescan all”
5.Written in the main window “scannig”,and cubase stuck.

My System and Hardware:
Cubase Pro 8
Win 7 64 Bit


Meanwhile I fix it already


LMDE2 x64

I am posting this because there are scanning issues with numerous HP ENY All-in-One printers. In some cases the available hplip drivers for the model support printing but not scanning. Getting a newer driver from open source HP resolved my issues Maybe this will help someone and maybe someone can input a better way to do this.

I recently posted in the LM 17.2 section that I could not scan when using an HP ENVY 4520 All-in-One printer. I found a resolve for that and posted it with my post. I also discovered that I cannot scan in LMDE2 with the currently available hplip drivers too. My resolve for the problem was not the same as it was with LM 17.2 though. I was able to use an automated process with LM 17.2 but if I attempted an automated process for LMDE the installer insisted in using the LM 17.2 and Ubuntu repositories. So I found a manual process for Debian and with one alteration I was able to successfully able to update my current hplip 3.14.6 driver to 3.15.9.