Add notes below a top note and move to the next


I have the following workflow.

  1. I sketch the melodic line in a piano stave
    2 to add notes below I activate note input and press q (chord input) on a note
    3.I add the chord tones below with a midi keyboard

so far so good, now, how do I move to the next note without exiting the input mode?
The problem is that is when the caret is on the next note the length value remain of the previous note.
I have to manually exit input mode, reselect the note, etc… to make sure the right note length is selected.

I know you can use the mouse, click twice on the next note but this breaks the flow.

Has anyone had the same issue?


Hit L to turn on Lock to duration, then use Space to move a note at a time. I haven’t had to use this recently and I’m not at my desk, but I’m pretty sure that works…

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Perfect! Thanks Leo, appreciated it!