Add old Templates to New Cubase Version on New Computer

So I just bought a new MacBook Pro M1 chip to run Cubase 12 Pro on, and I want to keep it as clean and speedy as possible. For this reason, I did not do a “migrate” of files to this computer. I was working off (and still have) a 2010 iMac and have Cubase 10 Pro on it, but store all of my projects on my SSD. After downloading this 60 day trial I am having one trouble after another, currently, I want to import all of my settings especially my “templates” all my “track presets” “fx chain presets” I tried this out Copy & Transfer Cubase Custom User Settings [ Export - Import Tutorial ] - YouTube but I don’t notice that anything has been imported. Please help


Use the Profile Manager in Cubase, please.

Yes this is exactly what I have done, and no settings have been imported. I saved using “Profile Manager in Cubase” on my iMac 10.13.6 to my SSD (mind you these settings are from Cubase Pro 10 if that matters). I then opened up Cubase 12 Pro on the new MacBook Pro M1 and imported using “Profile Manager in Cubase”. Bup-kiss nada zero has been imported.

I don’t have a Mac but, according to this page, the folder/files location involved is the following :

/Users/<your_username>/Library/Preferences/Cubase 12/Project Templates

You should be able to copy the content of this folder from your iMac to the MacBook Pro in the same location and restart Cubase, once done.