Add or modify New from Template files

Is it possible to add to, or modify, the template documents in “New from Template”? I’ve searched my entire drive for the names of those files, and can’t find anything, even hidden or inside packages. (I could just create a folder of Dorico stationery files in the Finder, but it would be nice to have the menu function.)

(I’d be surprised if this hasn’t been asked before, but I could find anything relevant.)

Ben, I believe you’re on Mac.
Alt+Cmd click your Applications Folder and find Dorico 2.
Right click on it and Show Package Contents.
The open Contents > Resources and scroll down. You should find a file called templates.xml

If you have a particularly cavalier attitude, then copy this file and store it somewhere safe. Then open the original in a decent text editor (like TextWrangler). I was unable to create a new template that actually worked in Dorico 2, but was able to alter various things in existing templates, like changing the Solo Piano template into a Solo Harpsichord template.

TL;DR - This file is not designed to be tweaked by users. Edit it at your own risk. Terms and conditions apply. The value of your investment may fall.

The templates are driven from a file called templates.xml buried inside your Dorico application bundle. I wouldn’t recommend attempting to change the contents of that file, and most importantly, if you do, it may cause problems when you later try to install an update, unless you first restore the original version of the file. The format of the XML file is also undocumented as it is not intended for modification by end users.

Useful safety tips! I might take a peek out of curiosity, but I’ll take the answer as “No.”

The contents of the XML file is entirely human-readable - it looks like this:

What Mr Spreadbury said about causing “problems when you later try to install an update” is beyond my knowledge, so it’s probably advice best heeded.

My preference is to set up a score the way I want it once, and then save it somewhere safe as string-quartet-template.dorico, or p-v-score-template.dorico, or whatever it is. When I start work on another similar project, I make a duplicate of my own “template” and start work from there.

I was looking for the template files on my computer too.

I’d love to have a ‘user templates’ folder and a ‘save as template’ function in the file menu. If possible with an included ‘show user folder in Windows/Mac OS’-button to be able to copy user templates from one computer to another. Kind of a luxury wish but hey, it would help. :slight_smile:

It’s definitely something we plan to do in the future.

I would love to have the user template folder too…

I also would like to see a user template folder.

as well:
Guitar fingering for chord diagrams
Possibility of changing number heads in TAB into crossheads
Possibility to put multiple endings in the same flow

Thank you,