"Add Player": Some things...

Daniel, can I add some suggestions for the “add player” dialog?

  1. When there is only one variant of a selected transposing instrument, I’t still like to see the transposition information in the 3rd column. That would reduce some confusion while not adding any clutter at the same time. I’s helpful when you see what you will get.

  2. For some instruments there are multiple entries when you switch to German instrument names: Baritonhorn, Zink, Chelesta, Alt, Altgambe, Bassgambe, Kontrabass, Altblockflöte, Altflöte… This might be the result of translation inaccuracies, or there might be an underlying bug. Solving point 1 might also help to differentiate between them.

  3. I’d like to have the possibility to cancel the “add player” operation while the list is open (or at least make it “undoable”). I know that technically it isn’t a real “dialog” now, but the actions needed to undo a click on “add player” are far more complex than “click cancel” or “click undo”.

  4. Please add the German Tenorhorn in Bb to the list of instruments I mentioned in the other thread :wink:

Thanks, E.