Add plugin to insert list: Filter out stereo plugins on mono tracks

Many of my plugins come as two versions, a stereo version, and mono version.

I would like to not see the stereo version of the plugins when inserting on a mono track.

Good idea if you really need to record on a mono audio track but, just wondering if you really need to record on a mono audio track. Try recording your mono source through a mono bus onto a stereo audio track and use the stereo inserts.

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That’s twice the file size and processing which is significant recording at 88.2khz, and thus, twice the harddrive transfer time/backup

No it’s not, you are still recording mono. Same size audio file.

Um, yes it is. I just tested it for you. I recorded a mono audio track, and a stereo audio track, both no actual inputs so identical silence.

There stereo is twice the size as the mono.

Likewise, with the processing, you are using two channels to do processing instead of one, even if it is a mono source. stereo plugins take up 2x processing.

+1 for what peakae said.

To the OP… still wondering why you need to record on a mono audio track? I havent recorded on or used a mono audio track in years but, maybe your usage need may enlighten me. :wink:

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see above ^

Also, your waveform display is twice as wide when a mono track

I’ve tested this many many times over the years…
When recording a mono source through a mono bus to a stereo or mono audio track the resultant file is exactly the same (file size and all other properties) . And… computer load difference for the stereo VST is non detectable on my system.

But, your original feature request post is a good one. Especially, if you need to record on a mono track.

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Mine is exactly the same?

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It can also add a lot of confusion if dealing with large amounts of content, big projects, some of which end up getting scattered, etc, etc. It helps to know what is actually stereo without having a bunch of mono wannabe-stereo files. It’s a great sorting differential.

Plus, many of the stereo plugins have expanded stereo options, buttons, dual left/right displays instead of one big one, and so on.

And then also, I’d have to contend with the stereo plugins likely in many cases, automatically adding a stereo effect when I want it to be mono.

So it’s not really an economical workaround, I’m merely suggesting some sort of way to have the stereo versions not appear for mono tracks - I wouldn’t be against having to manually do this plugin by plugin in the plugin organizer if they can’t code it to detect the difference.

So you’re saying you are recording your audio mono into a stereo track while it is remaining true mono? or is it dual mono? Not sure how waveform width could be exactly the same if it is squeezing two waveforms into one space unless there is an option to sum the L/R image into one waveform.

Just to make sure… I am talking about recording a mono source (like a guitar or mono mic) through a mono bus onto a stereo audio track.

Yes… the result is true mono and waveform is the same. The only difference is that stereo and, as far as I can tell, the few mono VSTs I’ve used in the past work/sound properly when inserted on the stereo audio track. Some stereo VSTs do not work/sound correctly when inserted on a mono track. This is why I haven’t used mono audio tracks in years.

The workflow reasons you stated for using mono audio tracks sound good to me and, IMO your original feature request would assist with that workflow.

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Even if Steinberg implemented this request it would be awhile before it became available.

In the meantime have you considered creating Stereo & Mono folders in the Plug-in Manager and separating them that way.

I do something similar with compressors that have a wet/dry mix control for parallel compression. All my compressors are in the Compressor folder and all the ones that have the mix control are also listed a second time in a Parallel Compressor sub-folder.

I’ve more or less banned the mono versions of UAD and Waves plugins.

Cubase folds stereo plugins on mono tracks automatically to mono, so just for some rare special uses a mono version is needed at all. All that isn’t a big concern unless DSP powered plugins like UAD are used. They suck more of the hardware limited DSP power on stereo tracks, that’s why using mono tracks for mono content still makes sense.