Add Presets to Export Audio Mixdown

Like most folks I export audio in various formats depending on… whatever; mp3, wave at various bit depths, etc. The settings used on each of these is different (duh). But I almost always use the exact same settings for each specific type of audio file. It would be great if we could create presets for different types of audio export settings. Would sure save a lot of mouse clicks.

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I like this suggestion a lot! If a preset could include naming scheme, stereo/mono settings etc. it would be a time saver.

+1 Good idea.

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Yes, please :slight_smile:

+1 huge time saver. Reaper has a good implementation of this, with separate preset categories for file naming/location, export format or all settings. Including channel export selection in a preset could also be useful in case of multiple projects that share the same channel list - or parts of it, for example stems.


+1 for me as well


+1 what a great idea!!


+1 !!



I’d forgotten creating the original post/request until this got bumped.

It’s great that this finally got implemented. I wonder if this request caused the feature to be added, or was I just asking for something that was coming along anyyway?

I suppose I misunderstood. I was talking about an overall preset for the entire mixdown page. I do see the presets option in the “File Format” options of the mixdown page.