Add rests in Drum Set

Maybe I’m being silly in that I just can’t find the solution, but how do I display rests in a drum set part when only the hands are playing? In the image below, on the top is what my drum set part currently looks like, and I want it to look like what is shown on the bottom stave of the image below.
Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 22.22.43

Hi @IsaacAdni probably you can try with this Notation Option / Pad voice with rests:



Sorry to bump this thread, but I’m running into issues where sometimes I turn on the ‘Pad voice with rests’ and then new rests don’t appear in my drum part (even though there should since there’s nothing written for the kick drum in that bar). Might there be a common reason for this (happy to send project via DM if needed)?

Please do send me your project by private message if you need help and are unwilling or unable to post it here.

Just to keep the community updated, I communicated with Daniel via direct message who said the following: ‘Unfortunately, the result you want isn’t one that Dorico can easily provide at the moment: the Notation Option you’ve got set, Rests at start and end of voices in five-line staff presentation , doesn’t do quite what you think it will do: it will create rests in the bars prior to the first note in that voice, and in the bars prior to the last note in that voice, but not in the bars in the middle.’

However, being absolutely amazing as always, Daniel and his team have added (to 5.1.30) a new option in the percussion section of ‘Notation Options’ which achieves exactly what I asked for at the beginning of this thread!