Add second lyric line? Perhaps solved...!

I must be missing something obvious but I cannot find a way to get a second or third etc lyric line.

I have successfully created the first verse lyric. Now I want the second. Shift L brings up the popover and according to the manual I use the down arrow to move to line 2. This I do and the popover says 2. I add a lyric but it’s simply replacing what I typed in line 1…there seems no way to ADD line, just select it as a popover but then…? Am I being dense here?

OK so I was able to do it only by adding a line as “2nd line” further in the score, beyond where there were lyrics, in the coda. Once I’d done that I was able to add the rest of the verse at the beginning - odd…


Have you tried this in another score? Maybe do a test file and try to duplicate the problem. Normally when you use the down arrow and begin typing the 2nd line is automatically created. Maybe there’s something wanky in that particular file?

LOL blank,

In the US, “w@nky” isn’t thought of in the same way as the UK, I should have typed “wonky”. The blank must be the naughty word filter at work.

Ah yes, the famous Steinberg forum vasectomy :wink:

So I tried a new score and it was fine, something had obviously bugged that one…