Add SEND or INSERT to cover all tracks

I must be missing something here.

I have all my tracks the way I want them. Now I would like to apply a SEND or INSERT to them all equally. Like a reverb which will cover all the tracks. Because, in reality, they would all be in one room, covered by one reverb.

I am missing the simple way to do this.

Hold shift/alt while assigning the send on the first selected track. All selected tracks will add the same send.

Cheers for the solution mate! The solution that I like best (so far) is to send all the channels to one group channel and control all the inserts from there.


Add an “FX Channel Track” with your reverb of choice. Then, you can “send” your individual tracks to the same reverb as you say.

I’m just assuming you haven’t done that yet. After you have done that, you can use HughH’s suggestion.

Also, there is a preference to “connect all sends” when you create a new track…

You can select all the tracks in the mix console, right click and add fx channel to selected tracks.