Add separate preference for Automation Lane Colors

Cubase should have, in the preferences section, the ability to set Automation lane, line, and marker colors specifically. Too often automation information is difficult to see due to the current colorization methods.


I had the same issue the other day , having different shades of grey as my template , trying to see the automation line was a bit of a pain , it would be a good idea to have them independent of the track colours

Yep, especially if you configure a lighter background in your project window, some automation can be really hard to see, depending on the color. I don’t know whether separate configurability for colors is necessary, but definitely more contrast/stronger colors would be very welcome!

While I can’t say this has bothered me much, it’s true that I frequently manually adjust automation lane colors. I agree this would be a nice addition.

It would be an improvement if the team could do another pass on this.

It seems to me that preferences allow for caroms that can make an automation lane’s data unreadable with certain color schemes and settings. With other color schemes they’re perfectly fine.

Perfectly legible data irrespective of which color scheme is in use, I would never dare call it a waste of development time. On the contrary, I would appreciate it very much indeed.

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