Add slide notes in Cubase 11.5

Could you add slide notes in Cubase 11.5 like in FL studio?


You can effectively do this already if you set the synth to mono and use portamento, overlapping notes will “slide” between pitches.

Yes, you’re right, but in that case you have no control of the portamento time
While Fl Studio do that by the length of the second note “slide note”

Wouldn’t the length of the overlap on the 2 notes determine the length of the slide?

As far as I know, This depends on the portamento time in your VSTI preset.

There seems to be 2 different slide functions in FL Studio:

  • Portamento Toggle
    “The portamento flag causes a short slide in pitch from the end of one note to the note with the portamento flag. This is a note transition effect.”

  • Slide Toggle
    "When selected, notes added to the Piano roll become ’ slide notes ’ displaying the slide icon that causes notes, above or below the slide-note, to slide to the pitch of the slide-note. The slide-time is set by the length of the slide-note."

The first one sounds like a variant to using a synth portamento as suggested above.

The OP suggestion should be the second one, the Slide toggle. This would make overlapping notes slide to the slide note, where the length of the slide-note would determine the slide length.

(I don’t have FL Studio, I just found this page when someone else suggested this earlier).

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