Add Sol-fa Text Line in Dorico?

Hi all, is it possible to add a sol-fa text line in Dorico? I’ve added a a photo of an example I’ve found from some old (OLD!) manuscript music I have. Whilst I appreciate I could just add a line of plain ‘text’, I wasn’t sure if Dorico had an official way to add this type of notation (note the inclusion of barlines, etc).


I’m afraid there’s no built-in feature for this in Dorico as yet. It’s something we may add in future, since this kind of notation is of course widely used e.g. in the Kodály method.

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You could also create custom playing techniques and assign them that way. Might be faster than using shift x text.

Alternatively (and likely the fastest) is to just put these markings in the chorus or chorus translation line (something you’re not using at any rate) and then flip that line of lyrics to display above the stave.