Add Staff Above - unexpected result

Hi all.

[edit - test project attached - behaviour can be reproduced in this basic setup]
Add Staff Above Test.dorico (480.6 KB)

I have a player holding Bb clarinet and doubling bass clarinet. I’m working on a multi-flow piece. In the flow I am working on the player is playing bass clarinet - there’s no material for Bb Clarinet.

I need to add a multiphonic which necessitates adding an additional treble clef stave above the standard stave. I select a section of the music in which I want the extra stave and use the ‘Add Staff Above’ option.

The result is an extra treble clef stave for bass clarinet, exactly how I’d want it, but now the player’s Bb clarinet stave is also visible for the entire flow. The same happens if I ‘Add Staff Below’.

Any idea why this is happening? Or is there a workaround?



Many thanks!

Unfortunately, when you add an extra staff to an instrument held by a player, instrument changes can no longer be used for that player. This is a limitation that we hope to remove in future versions of the software, but I’m afraid it’s not something we anticipate changing in the near future.

Perhaps for the flow that needs the multiphonic but not the Bb Clarinet you could use a different Bass Clarinet player and combine the multiple exclusive players in the same layout for the part.


Thanks Daniel. Good to know that I’m still operating in fringe areas of the software (still a +1 from me for native sprechgesang notation!) :grin:

Thanks Derrek, I think this is my best option. Not something I’ve tried previously, but I guess it will work with a little renaming of players.

Is the Add Staff Function not available in Dorico Elements? - Or am I looking in the wrong place?

Sorry, Pro only.