Add staff [to player?]

Playing around with Dorico, I am trying to create a score for pipe organ solo with four staves (see attachment as example). This is a common thing in pipe organ. Can this be done in Dorico at this stage? Note that there are many different ways to this, there are examples with 5 staves, different bracketing, pedal / no pedal part etc. Would it be different templates on the solo player “pipe organ” or is it possible to add staffs to a player after you have already set up the project? Trying to understand the correct workflow. Would love to hear your thinking around this.
2016-10-27 17.15.32.jpg

There’s no command to add an additional staff to a player just yet, I’m sorry to say. We will try to add this as soon as we can!


I’m afraid I have to achieve the same. Has the option been added, or is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance


There is a somewhat dubious workaround, I think: make a template, if you will, in another software, and export it as a MusicXML file. If all goes well, Dorico should import all the staves you’ve created for your instrument. Hopefully this won’t lead to glitches further on…

Just to add that Dorico can hide individual empty staves for a grand staff instrument (somewhere in Setup Options IIRC) so you can easily “reduce” the number of staves from 4 to 3 for part of the piece.

FWIW the workround hasn’t given me any problems, creating the template and MusicXML file in Finale.


Has this feature been integrated in the meantime?