Add Tempo Tap Button on transport

This would be nice to be able to midi learn so that we can tap a midi button in order to adjust the tempo. As of now opening the tempo button and then pressing either click or space bar is a bit dated. Ableton has this feature and it’s nice. Also better and easier Midi Mapping. Visual Midi Mapping is a must nowadays.

+1 Yes, this is might be one of the three the most essential functions for getting started with a song. At least when you already know what you want to record. Think workflow and minimal distraction of getting an idea done.
Or, god beware, using cubase for a keyboard/live setup.
Now it is hiddden in a modal/popup of a function of a menu, so not even bindable to a key command. It should be directly accessible, at least.

Good idea but… why didn’t you just add to an existing FR… :question:

Regards :sunglasses: