Add text to timecode bar

We’re into cutscenes and it’s convenient to direct that from the score rather than from a storyboard (at least when the director is the composer :smile: ) Also because the mood and tempos set the scene, while the story is from the story board, precise timings is from the music. I’m communicating this to the engineer and need timecodes with text, e.g.

The hover/decending is notes to myself for the cello, the camera directions are on the timecode bar. Well they’re actually on the cello line and I pushed them up there. But going to the score doesn’t work so well

I can hack around this, I think this happened because I happen to also have cell directions to myself (eh not really, there’s loose correspondence between where I place the text in Engrave and where it ends up)

Anyhow I think this would be helpful to media folks, HWood composers could also use it I image for directions to themselves. I’d drop scene notes there if I was doing that.

Anyhow the ideal would be if notes could be attached to timecode bar events, or at least if the Engrave placement of notes was more stable.

Is using markers with customized text at the relevant positions, with markers shown on the timecode staff, not an option in this case? You can show or not show the timecode number in markers as well.

Thanks Lillie! Of course you folks would have thought of that already

The text can be changed via props, can the time code be changed after its set up? Not seeing a way to do that.

You can, in the Video panel. I’ve made a note about reviewing signposting to this.

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