Add Track Versions to Marker Tracks

Since Track Versions were first introduced I’ve found them increasingly useful - often in ways I wouldn’t have anticipated.

Currently the Marker Track does not support Versions. It would be great if they did and probably easy to implement given they already work on almost all track types. I can easily imagine using different marker sets for different kinds of work. For example, one set for writing, another when arranging & a third when mixing.

Saw this request few times
I suspect steiny didnt include it deliberately,cuz it is kind of nuendo feature only(adding more then one marker track in a project) .
It also can help to have new clean marker track version to use with cubase ic pro,to add markers freely while recording remotly without ruin the"main" marker version.

You may have to flesh out the request. Keep in mind that the marker are at the project level. You could have 50 track versions each for 20 different tracks. That could get messy quickly. For example, restoring Track 32, version 7 and it pulls a set of markers that don’t jive with other versions of tracks you are using. If you have track specific markers, the screen would get cluttered to unusability almost instantly.

Well done. This is actually the only type of ‘Track Version’ I would actually use.

Not to digress, but the problem with Track Versions for -me- is that they imply that one works at the ‘track’ level. It’s a total ‘tape’ paradigm that was designed for engineers and not composers. I don’t work that way and I suspect most composers don’t either. It would be -much- better if there were ‘Part Versions’… ie. one could have a separate versions of each -part-. If a part covers the entire track? Cool breeze–the engineers are happy. But in general, -I- want to be manage 10 ‘takes’ for each -section- of a song; not the entire song.

However, for Markers, a track level version makes -total- sense to me.


Well that is only going to do that if you set common version ID’s between versions on different tracks (which is not the default where each new Track Version created anywhere get’s it’s own unique ID). Presumably if someone goes to the effort of using common IDs between multiple versions they have some scheme in mind of how they want that linkage to behave. I’m not suggesting multiple track specific markers. Just a single Marker Track like now that supports versions. So, for example, I might use one version when I’m writing - with say markers at different locations in a single verse. Then change to a different version when arranging where the markers are at the intro, verse1, chorus1, verse2, bridge, etc.

Not when track versions are used with the tempo track, IMO. I was delighted to find that track versions even existed with tempo - not that it’s needed very often, but it can be extremely useful at times.

Oh, never mind … .you meant you want the Marker track itself to have versions or Marker presets. This is already an established FR. But, yes I want that for sure.