Add track

When i add an effects track it always appears in a folder at the bottom of my inspector. I would like my new tracks t to appear in the spot in which i am currently located in the inspector.

I seem to remember an option that i could choose but i can’t find it. Where would I find this option?

Is that what you’re looking for?

Not to hack this thread, but I think this is related to this topic. When I bounce tracks they always end up at the bottom of the arrange window. Is there a way to have those bounced tracks show up where I’m working?

No idea. Good question though.

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Yes it is and i can’t believe that that it was right in front of me.

Where is the option to access the dialog that shows all the options in the snpashot that you uploaded? When i right click in the arrange window or go to the dropdown menu: project/add track I only see the individual options of the various track types.