Add VSTi key command shortcut

I think you didnt understand what i wanted
For example if i want to export i press E key then he export

If i want serum vst-i i will press 1 key
If i want spire vst-i i will press 2 key
And so on

I know wich vst i want so why go to vst and the write his name then ok .

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Voted. I want someone at Steinberg to be listening to this:

Please give us a way to add a new instrument track without using the mouse. Keyboard shortcut, Remote Midi, for the love of god something. Is anyone hearing this? We’re looking for seamless workflow experiences, it’s like you’re just on the cusp, there are ton of great suggestions that would get the job done, we just need one. Please make it happen. Anything in this vein, I’ll take this over my own suggestions using Remote Midi, just something. Please.

There is nothing in the suggestion that precludes this, there is still a command to open the VSTi for the current track. There is nothing to add a new instrument, preconfigured or not, without using the mouse. Nothing that I can find anywhere.

I don’t understand how this is a counter argument to OP’s request. The button to open the VSTi for the currently selected track doesn’t have to change at all. How do you add a new instrument track with the desired VSTi, preconfigured or not, from a key command or any other way without using the mouse?

This is in no way a solution to the problem. Stated differently, how do you add a new instrument track without touching the mouse. There is an incredibly strong desire for this functionality from a ton of creators.

If I or OP have somehow missed where it is possible to configure this or make it happen currently, please provide functional information that accomplishes this - even if through more complex scripting. Anything that makes this happen. Like OP, I’m not seeing that anywhere, and we want a mouseless solution for a seamless workflow.

My friends on other programs making fun of me . It look like cubase do so much not importent stuff and not making workflow easyer

@psynir , @EnergyCrush
I think we need to clarify what exactly OP was talking about in his intial post, as it was rather brief.

Would you like to ask for a key command to open the GUI of a VSTi, that already has been loaded to a track?
Or would you like to assign a key command to an installed VSTi plugin, so that you can press that key when creating a new Instrument track?

I think the OP should edit the wording in his post. Users get frustrated when they don’t get what they want, but it’s very important that they communicate what they want clearly and unambiguously.

And I guess after reading this thread, he’s asking for keyboard shortcuts that add an instrument track for a specific vst instrument.

Probably a better generalized implementation of this would be to be able to assign key commands for “add this specific track preset”.

However, I don’t think this is as trivial as some users might think. Key commands don’t take input … I’m not aware of any existing key commands that let you configure arguments or data on them.

That said, I do agree it would be useful in some peoples’ workflows.

When i am in cubase main page
I want to press for example 1 and the serum will open as new chnnel and not to open the vst list and write serum .
I know what vst i want why i need to look for it all the time

I don’t want to lecture you but if you would be more precise in your language others like me would be able to understand you better.
For example I ask an “either or” question any you reply with “no”.

So, your request is about a creation of a new Instrument Track.

I upload video so you can understand me better

You are clearly living in your own world and don’t even understand anything we discussed here so far.

I am not saying that it is a bad idea to have the ability to use a key command to create an Instrument Track with a the instrument of your choice already selected.

But even in your video you don’t properly say what you want.
It’s like I would tell you “at 3 o’clock I need to be there”. You would ask me “where?” and I would reply “there”.

Well if you dont understand the need of whatvi post in the video iguess you dont spend enoght time in cubase :wink:

The request necessitates an extension of the current design of the Key Command implementation. It would be necessary to hand over parameters to a dialog.
Presonus Studio One implemented this in its Macro section:

If Cubase could have the same, we could make a macro like
Add Instrument Track - Argument “Serum ; Stereo Out ; ; 1”

Obviously, my above is just jibber jabber since I clearly don’t spend enough time in Cubase.

Exactly, the whole issue here is not that you cannot put serum on a key command, but that Cubase’s macro system is in dire need of a rewrite as it is really old and inflexible. I am pretty sure that an update to the macro system (or better, a proper integrated scripting language) has been requested before :wink:

@Johnny_Moneto Dude, please don’t be rude to other users because you have a problem with their language. Trying to understand, sure, but you don’t need to be condescending or to lecture someone else about language, especially when they’re doing their best and it may very well not be their first language. Please don’t.

I felt like I understood what you were asking for, even if my idea of implementation was a bit different.

To me it seems like a very straightforward request … any time you press an assigned key while in Cubase, it creates a new track with the instrument you want. Any number of pre-assigned instruments would behave the same way. If you press the same key 10 times, you would expect to have 10 new instrument tracks all of the instrument type assigned to that key binding.

Is there something I’m missing in that interpretation? I don’t feel like there is anything ambiguous about it at all. It just makes sense on it’s face to me. I can’t think of any reason there would be any more complexity to it than that.

This is exactly what i want
So simple
And so much time saving .
Cubase do all kind of less importent stuff then this .

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I hope now @Johnny_Moneto will understand what i mean

If you can use one of your votes for this idea, I may also be able to get at least one or two more people on board so we can at least get the vote count up to four or more, and hopefully some others will like the idea enough to to join and get some real visibility to Steinberg devs to show how much something like this is wanted.