Add wood blocks and no sound

I imported a music xml file. All the parts came through as expected. Mapped all instruments to Kontakt player - no problems. Added two wood block parts to produce a “click track”. Assigned the instruments to Halion. Result - no sound from the wood blocks. Did this on an earlier project and no issues. Why is this so difficult? I would expect: add the “player”, assign an instrument - move on. Not spend hours searching online for answers.

If you go Play > Playback Template, select whichever HSSE template relates to your Dorico flavour (e.g. HSSE+HSO (Pro) if you’re running Dorico Pro), Apply, wait for the Play button in the transport to turn green, does the woodblock then work correctly? It’ll mess up all your other assignments so you’ll then want to Undo.

If after reapplying the playback template the woodblock does work correctly, that suggests that you’ve mapped the instrument but not the Expression Map.

The reason that this is difficult is that you’re going the hard way about assigning instruments to HALion. The easy way is to not touch Play mode at all, but to set (or change) the correct instruments in the left panel of Setup mode. If something comes in that’s labelled e.g. a Violin but it sounds like a Flute, the easy solution is to click on the instrument in Setup mode and do Change Instrument, then choose Violin. Dorico will then automatically hook it up to the correct instrument in HALion.

The second you dive into HALion and reassign instruments, Dorico’s assignments go into manual mode - the onus is then on you to correctly match up Expression Maps, Percussion Maps, Endpoint configurations and Instruments.

What version of Dorico do you have? I don’t know any more when we added that, but in the latest version you can change the metronome to a wood block sound (under the playback options).

Thanks for the reply.

Part of the issue is adding the part to a project imported using music XML I’ll try your suggestions. I also had a previous project – basically the same instrumentation with the added wood block parts that worked. I may look to using that as a “template” until I’m more comfortable with certain aspects of the Dorico configuration.

When it’s working- it’s great. The frustrating part is that occasionally for me, it’s not working. I have found this Forum to be a big positive though.



I’m using 3.5 – fairly recent purchase/install. I’ll look again at changing the metronome sound (I didn’t like the “beep”).



Crtl-Shift-P shall bring you to the Playback Options.