add9 chords

I have searched high and low for the answer to this - am I missing a trick here? I wish to put in the chord Cadd9. What appears is C(9)! What’s C(9) I can’t work out how to have it show as Cadd9. Any help would be appreciated.Thanks.

Dear clarityinchaos,
If you have Dorico pro, that option would be in Engraving options > chord symbols. Some digging is really interesting, as the options are numerous and inspiring!

Thanks Marc. I have been through all of these options and can’t find anything relating to this chord. In all my years I have never come across this way of spelling! Regards, Nick

C9 is a major chord with flat 7th and added 9th. Not the same thing as Cadd9.

Is this what you want?

I am after Cadd9 not C9. Notes 1359. The ones you are showing above are dominant chords

In the image I posted, look in the actual score to the left of the Engraving Options window, where I input C(add9). Is that what you want? The Engraving Options settings are just for the added notes, you can ignore any appearance of 7ths in this setting.

Let me have a look into this. Thanks.

Okay. By selecting the 1st option it now reads C (add9) but it is bracketed and superscript. Thanks for the tip. However, I can’t see an option to remove the parentheses and bring it to the same baseline as the C. Any ideas?

If you don’t want anything superscript in the whole project, you can change that under Chord Symbols/Design. I’m not immediately seeing an option to remove the parenthesis for only added intervals though. You might be stuck making the edit in Chord Symbols/Project Default Appearances. It’s a bit more annoying, but certainly can be done:

If the Bbadd9 above is the style you prefer, you can make the changes in a default file that you always start from in the future, that way you’ll never have to manually set it up again.

EDIT: Chord Symbols/Alterations/Use of parenthesis will get rid of the parenthesis, but of course you won’t have them for other alterations as well. Depends on what you want.

Thanks for your help