(Added for individual channels) See total latency for project and individual plugins in the Status Line

As far as I know there is no way to see how much samples/ms of delay a project has because of the plugins that were used. I would like to see this made visible to make give so you know for a fact what is going on. I suggest the Status Line is used for this.

In FL Studio, plugin latency is seen in the top bar while hovering over a plugin. The total project latency is seen in Audio devices.


A non-free workaround is Melda MCompare, which can be configured to show these (if somewhat awkwardly).

Yeah, I don’t really see Melda plugins as an acceptable a solution.

I meant to post this in Feature Requests, I don’t know how I messed this up twice. >.>

It’s more than acceptable if you are using it in the project already :wink: .

Why do you need/want to know the plug-in/project latency, is there something you would change as a result of simply knowing the value?

Yeah, I want to see how much a plugin or chain of plugins I insert will change the overall latency, and what latency I’m working with for the project. Otherwise you’re working in the dark, having to “feel out” whether the latency was increased or not and by how much. Not a fan of that.

If you don’t feel the latency then things are OK.
If you do then who cares what the figure is, you cant work with it.
I know my personal limit, set my constrain latency to that figure, job done.
Too much of doing things by numbers and visuals on a screen IMHO and not enough ears and feel.


Yep, and some people want to see the numbers. Like dB gain, the frequency of EQ bands and the track loudness in LUFS.

Latency is a technical issue so I just want to see the technical details of it. It’s not a creative thing.