Addictive Drums 1.5 drag and drop in Cubase 8 doesn't work..

DRAG and drop doesn’t seem to work for Addictive Drums 1.5.2 and Cubase 8 Pro…?

I’ve been using addictive drums 1.5 with cubase 5 for ages and just updated to cubase pro 8.
The only problem i’m having now is that i can’t drag and drop the midi parts from AD1.5 to cubase 8, because in cubase 8 when i’m using AD drums, it focuses on this instrument and greys out cubase in the background. If i unfocused from AD (of which it minimises to a mini display of AD, then i can’ have access to the files to drag and drop them from AD to Cubase 8 arrange page. Drag and drop seems to work fine for my EZ drummer 2, and Stylus Remix and Groove Agent SE, just not addictive Drums. Do i need AD 2 to work in Cubase 8?

(I’ve included screenshots of both of these views below…)
AD Minimized when not in focus in cubase 8.png
AD maximized and cubase greyed out so cant drag & drop midi to cubase 8.jpg
EZ drummer 2 works.png
is there any way to disable this in cubase 8, so that when focusing on AD, it doesn’t grey out the cubase background, so i can drag and drop the files onto the arrange page like i use d to you with cubase 5?
Please help as this is super annoying, is a key functionality to using both pieces of software and really slowing down if not stopping my workflow :wink:

Thanks, Joey :slight_smile:

Hi! I have the same problem. Did you fide it?

Really annoying and took ages to figure it out but:

On a mac drag the loop and then with your free hand cmd+tab to switch focus back to the project window where you can then drop the midi loop into your project.

Can’t remember on PC, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be CNTRL + TAB


I currently use AD2 in CB8.5 on a Windows workstation, but I do not recall having this problem when I used the older version of AD. You may want to look at your CB preferences (VSTi and MIDI sections) to see if there is something active that’s causing this behavior.

As a side note, I will say that upgrading to AD2 is well worth it. They added a lot of great functionality including dragging .wav versions of the MIDi loops, ways to transform a MIDI loop before bringing it into your DAW, and a few new Flex cells to add extra kit pieces for layering.

Now is a good time to upgrade too, everything is running at 50% off at XLN Audio until the 29th.

But with that said, there is one annoyance I have not been able to figure out. When dragging loops from AD2 into CB it mutes the current AD2 instrument track and creates a new AD2 instrument track. This occurs even when I drag a MIDI loop directly into the active instrument lane. I’m going to try the “CNTRL + TAB” thing that was mentioned earlier to see if that fixes it.

A few times I had a similar problem with EZDrummer 1 & 2… this fixed it for me.

Make sure Cubase and the stand alone version (if installed) of AD2 are set to “Run as Administrator”.

Regards :sunglasses: