Addictive drums and Cubase 6.04 "solved"

I noticed a bug since upgrading to the 6.04 fix. The midi events do not follow the midichannel when moving beats from the vst instrument to the project. This worked eith 6.03. Could be AD fault though.

Just want to inform steinberg.

oh…thanks for informing, i was about installing the Cubase 6.04 with addictive drums…

i should discard it…thanks for informing.

I notice no bugs with AD 1.52 and Cubase 6.0.4.
Just check if the Midi File Import option from Cubase in the preferences is not set to format 0 .

Thanks for your help. It works perfect now! Dont know if this option is default. If not it should be.

Thanks again.

/ martin