Addictive Drums fills


I searched the forums not finding what I’m looking for and hoping for some help.
I’m new to using AD.

AD drum fills always start with a hi hat count. Is there an easy way to edit off the
lead in hi -hats quickly and keep everything lined up on grid?
I like the software but the feature is kind of odd to me for some one who has used toontrack stuff.

I just wondered how other people are doing it.

I have posted on AD’s forum as well.


Did you try opening the List Editor and erasing the un-desired notes? Screenshot explaining the problem?

Yeah, so typically you get something like a 2 beat fill put in a 4 beat (1 bar) MIDI clip, with the first couple beats being foot hats. You’d need to typically fit that after a shortened bar as well, so drop it in on top of what you have, shorten the preceeding (non-fill) clip from the end, and shorten the fill MIDI clip from the start, making them meet as necessary to sound natural. If you still have an undesirable hihat beat in there, you’d need to open the MIDI editor and delete it.

I’m just going to go ahead and say what needs to be said. This is really, really basic MIDI editing, so you should, if you are going to be working with MIDI, find a decent Cubase-specific MIDI editing tutorial. Cubase 6 comes with some (12 to be exact), but the files don’t seem to be named very well. I would start there and move on to Bingle (i.e. Bing/Google) after that.

You need to know how to manually edit MIDI to work with AD and Toontrack drums. You just do.

EDIT: Never mind on the included tutorials, at least they don’t seem to have anything MIDI-editing specific. Looky here.

HarshElvis: I use the Split tool to edit those Hi Hat intro’s
then grab the Mute tool to mute them. I never try to
erase them permanetly IMO. You never know when you might want them again. :wink:

I may have mis-understood your question but in midi I would go to
the Drum Editor and “MUTE” the HI Hat intro in there.

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for the info guys. I like your ideas.

Fizbin I know how to edit midi but thank you I was looking for a quicker way.

Doesn’t anyone think its a pain in the ass to do that for every fill when your trying to be creative?
Do I want to edit a fill every time I want to audition it within the track to see if I like it or its a fit musically?
If I want to put 2 or 3 of the short fills together thats editing each one. I find it ridiculous imho.

I think the real solution to the problem is to get midi from groove monkey and use those since
you don’t have to edit a thing. Just drag and drop and go. I’m glad I got it when it was cheap lol.

I will use it with a live drummer though. Like I said I do think its a good product but thats just
a bad way of doing the fills. They could metronome it if you need a count.

I personally can’t see a viable use for it unless your just getting nutty with it.

Thanks again.

Editing MIDI is still exactly what you’re doing though, no matter how you slice it.

I get what you’re saying, except I used to do this with an Alesis HR-16 and a Tascam Porta One. That would, in relation to dragging and dropping MIDI files that someone else created, then having to delete a couple hits, be somewhat higher on the PITA scale :wink:

Actually, if you’re worried about your creativity being lost, I’d suggest just worrying about little things like fills after you’ve gotten more important parts of the song fleshed out. Save the tedium and fine tuning for later.