Addictive Drums, Sampletank and Cubase VST/32 issue

Desperately looking for any help or advice anyone can give me. I’ve just bought and installed Addictive Drums 2 and have found that it takes up channels 1-16 on my mixer (which is a lot and not very convenient) but when I try to load Sampletank, the system tells me ‘no more mixer channels available’. Sampletank normally takes up channels 1-16 so I understand why I’m getting this message. However I don’t know how to allocate Sampletank to other mixer tracks (or if I can) and AD2 will not let me deactivate the tracks it takes up. I can add other VST instruments but they appear on tracks 17, 18 etc which, while still a pest, at least works. However I really do need and miss Sampletank. Anyone any suggestions?