Hi Everybody,

Just getting used to the new look on CUBASE 8 PRO.

Can someone outline the procedure to add 3rd Party VST instruments and effects?

Old versions I could go to the PLUGIN INFORMATION window and hit the button that I could designate a path to a folder… but now… I don’t know where they moved it.

Also… I never played with Groove Agent or HelionsonicSE… so, what’s the trick to hearing them? Ha, I mean I see the signal jumping when I play with them but no sound is coming out… is it a routing thing especially for the VST Instruments? I mean, I’m getting track sound, otherwise.



Check the plugin manager just below the plugin information tab :wink:

I was wondering about this too, but I found it just yesterday.

At the bottom left of the Plug-In Manager window, you’ll see an i and a gearwheel [cymbal].
The gearwheel usually indicates settings, and if IIRC, [after all, it was all the way back to yesterday now, :laughing: ], the i is the plug-in paths that you can use to add in new plug-ins.

Check 'em out.

Yes, I found it also!! Now… I thought I saw a tutorial where you can make folders for you favorite effects/the ones you use the most… but now I can’t find the tutorial or remember how to do it…


edit Nevermind… that’s in the plugin manager too…