Adding a 2/4 bar in the middle of a arrangement with 4/4

I have to add some extra 2/4 bar in the middle of a piece. Now I’m press shft-b +1, shft-m 2/4. It will change the 4/4 bar to 2 2/4 bars. I remove one of them (shft-b -1). Is there q quicker way to change this without removing bars?

I have to do the same thing. Somewhere on the forum Daniel has acknowledged that this is not ideal, so the team is aware of it.

The only alternative I can think of, which is probably just as many steps, is to add a 4/4 time signature at the third quarter note position in the existing 4/4 bar, then add the 2/4 time signature at the start of the now-truncated 4/4 bar.