Adding a CC to trigger Next / Previous Multi on HALion 7

Hi guys,

I use HALion 7 for playing live; I have a number of libraries, and using the Multi’s give me incredible flexibility. when creating patches.

I usually prepare the setlist in HALion so I can just click the Next / Previous arrow to navigate through the set. It would obviously make more sense to assign a button on my keyboard to the Next / Previous function.

I have a Roland A88 I use as my main board, which has 2 buttons labelled S1 and S2, these are set to transmit Next /Next Program Change information. When I Right-Click to learn the CC for these button nothing happens; I’m guessing maybe these aren’t valid CC’s for this feature?

I’m sure I can edit the function keys on the keyboard if necessary, does anyone else use this feature, and if so what CC did you use?

I discovered I can use a continuous CC, but that’s pretty messy ----

Thanks in advance.