Adding a drum set (basic vs fancy)

hi there – sometimes when I add a “Drum Set (Basic)” to a Layout, I get a fancy one like this:

while at other times, I get a more conventional one that’s on a 5-line stave.

I’m not doing anything differently (as far as I can tell) – I just add “Drum Set (Basic)”, yet this appears to yield two different results.

I’d prefer to use the 5-line stave Drum Set each time I add (Basic) - how can I ensure that?

Also if I do get the fancy Drum Set as above, can I convert it to a 5-line-stave one?

thank you!

The “fancy” kit and the “basic” one are one and the same; it’s the representation that’s different. That’s in Layout Options > Players > Percussion.

hah - thanks, Leo! But that setting made my Bongos a 5 line staff in addition to the Drum Kit. (Typically bongos would be a 2-line staff.) Is it possible to have 2-line bongos and a 5-line basic drum kit?

Not held by the same player, no: if you need your bongos to be shown on a two-line grid and your drum set to be shown on a five-line staff, assign them to separate players. If you want them in the same instrumental part later on, you can assign two players to a part layout with no problems.

awesome, thank you. I don’t think the drummer will mind if the bongos are on a 5-line stave, I guess that’s not a big deal.

A related issue to the 5-line drum stave, I apologise, but I see that Dorico sometimes makes smart decisions with the drumset notation (see bars 1 and 2, where the hi-hat is in an up-stem voice and the kick drum is down) and sometimes really unhelpful (see bar 3, where both the toms and kick drum are in the same voice).

Is there a way to make this more helpful for the player? I’ve tried V and Shift-V to change voices, but this doesn’t seem to work in drumset notation… :frowning:

thank you!

You can either adjust the kit (which is what I’d recommend first):

…or change the voice of individual notes in the kit:

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that’s brilliant, Daniel, thank you!
It’s good to know both approaches – for me, anything that goes with the hands should be up-stem and things that go with the feet would be down-stem – but sometimes it’s also good to make exceptions, such as the case here with the snare drum, below:

The only thing I’d say is – why is there a “Change Voice” section for normal instruments and a separate “Change Voice” section for percussion instruments that’s in the Percussion submenu?

A percussion kit is not just a single “player” or “instrument” in one sense. It’s multiple instruments, combined together in an intelligent and flexible way. So things behave a little differently. You assign a voice to an instrument here, rather than a conventional staff that can accommodate multiple voices.

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