Adding a flow, so sloooooow

A Project with 4 long flows and about 30 players.
I only needed a 5th flow with one single stave for some explanatory examples.
If there would be the option to create a flow without players!
So, I’m deleting players from the new flow now quite for a while.
(So I have a lot of spare time to type this lines.)
The thing formerly known as “sandclock” circles around like hell.
There are really hard moments in the life of a Dorico friend.

Would it be quicker to make the one-bar flow in a separate project and then import it?

Even if it’s not quicker, you won’t have to keep pressing keys while you are waiting.

I have said many, many times on the forum that we are more than aware that some operations in Setup mode are very slow, and that we plan to improve this in future. If this were simple to achieve, it would have been achieved long ago.

However, you can often improve the speed of operation in Setup mode by not having a layout that will be affected by the change open. So for example switch to a part layout, and make sure that the part layout is the only view open (i.e. it’s the only tab open, and there’s only one project window open for that project). Then save, close, and reopen the project: this will ensure that Dorico isn’t helpfully keeping e.g. the full score layout up-to-date behind the scenes. Working with only a part layout with a single player in it visible will generally be a lot faster.