Adding a macro to color selected event green / red

Hi, i’m trying to create a macro / keyboard shortcut to color a selected element with a desired color.

Using project logical editor, i have set this up but have small problem - the “property - property is set - event is selected”
also takes into account the selected track in addition to the individual clips i have selected, resulting in all events in the selected track to be colored as well.

is there any workaround for this? i can’t unselect a track - one track is always selected.

Add the filter target, [Container type] [equal] [part]. That’ll do it.

thanks - didn’t work just as that, but setting the container type to equal “event” seemed to do the trick.

thanks so much SteveInChicago!

  • ilmari

Ah… you’re right. ‘Event’ is the right one. ‘Part’ works on Midi parts, and Audio parts, which are groups of audio events.

Hey there, great thread, unearthing it to say thanks but I found these guides not quite getting us to having both Midi and Audio Parts/Events change color. Attached is a screenshot of what I’ve done.

In Cubase 10.5, the logical editor filters applies as: Midi as Parts and Audio as Events. So the string with Container Type: Equal when set as previously described would only filter one or the other.

So I had to add an OR operator with another bracketed string to get it so it would do both Midi and Audio parts.

( | Property | Property is set | Event is selected | And
Container Type is | Equal | Part | ) | Or
( | Property | Property is set | Event is selected | And
Container Type is | Equal | Event | )

and then of course:
Set Color | Set to fixed value | Color number

from there, save it as a preset then you can assign a key command.

The issue is that in the Project Window the things you see for Audio are Events while the similar looking thing for MIDI is a Part. So you might want to add 2 container type statements separated by an OR not AND & with parenthesis around them both. Then you can color both Events and Parts.