Adding a Mixer via Firewire for use with Cubase

Hello Everyone,

I am about to purchase an analog console, Midas Venice F32. The board is Firewire equipped. I am very uninformed on this type of device and protocol. I am using a desktop i5 PC with Windows 10 64-bit. I would be very appreciative of any advice on properly integrating Firewire with Cubase, including suggested cards for a PC, any limitations or problems that I may encounter configuring inputs and outputs for use with Cubase. I am used to and familiar with using lightpipe (ADAT) inputs via RME, but the Firewire thing is unknown territory. Thank-you in advance for any help.


I’m sure other’s will pop in here with suggestion for other devices and connections like USB2/USB3/Thunderbolt/AVB/Dante and the lot, but I can tell you from my experience Firewire under Windows 10 works like a champ. If you can get a deal on a used F32, go for it.

Someone may jump in here and make noises about FW chipsets and compatibility, but unless you know of specific incompatibility reports specific to the the F32, you can forget about it. A new FW card from Newegg is all you need.

I run a motu 896MK3 Hybrid and a UltraliteMK3 Hybrid via a $20 firewire 400 card - works great and keeps the motherboard USB ports free for other things like midi keyboards and interfaces…

I would head on over to Midas and browse their forums to see what support and drivers they provide, and check for reports of folks using this console under Windows 10.

I advise a FW 800 card but more importantly, one equipped with Texas Instrument chips. I had been running a Tascam FW-1082 with absolutely no problem.
Tascam says it would support a 400 connection but they highly recommend an 800. Know also that it is not hot swappable.
Like SuperG says, shop with a company offering current support and driver updates.

Thank-you for the information.