Adding a new comment in MediaBay?

Not sure if I’m just doing something wrong here, I don’t seem to be able to write a comment in media by only see drop-down list of comments already written. None of which I remember writing ?

It’s a drop-down auto-complete list of either previous comments or some “defaults” (not sure for the latter, but I guess it has to be something like this).
Anyway, if you click on “Comment” you can actually edit the text box which initially contains “Comment”.

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for some reason I can’t edit the text box at all ? just get a list

If you select “Comment”, doesn’t it fill the box? And when it does, you can’t edit it?

I’m not where I can check the exact setting but it is either in Preferences on in Media bay itself. Anyway it lets you enable/disable the ability to edit fields in the results. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

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Okay, so I just think it’s a very difficult click area, I persisted and finally got the cursor to show. I guess it’s like a lot of things in cubase that I’m learning once you know it’s easy . Thx for all your. Help

Forgot to add, just one thing, what made me not think I could click in the first place what’s the very odd list of comments, including things from Amazon, and allsorts, very odd to see that in a drop-down menu in my DAW ,

Can anyone explain how this list is created before a user enters something in the comment field? Because it would be handy to create a list, which popped up instead of you having to type it in Cubase each time

This list is populated by comments made in all elements, not necessarily comments added by the user. To watch better what’s going on, you can click on the “Comments” column of the table’s header to sort the table based on comments.

Sure. If you click once inside a blank comment box, the list will open up and will contain all “default” and user comments and you can select whichever suits your needs.