Adding a new player : no instrument assigned

I wil add a new player to a current score. The score has two VST’s : Halion Sonic SE and Aria Player.
When I have add a Marching Snares Drums the VST dropdown is empty and I can select the Halion, but there are a lot of instruments in the kit.
How can I add a new player so that the VST instrument automaticity is inserted with the good sounding instruments?

(When I add this in a news score with one VST it works).

As soon as you add your own VST instrument, e.g. in your case Aria Player, to the VST Instruments panel in Play mode, Dorico then stops automatically loading sounds on its own. You can use Play > Load Sounds for Unassigned Instruments to get Dorico to load sounds into HSSE for any instruments that do not yet have sounds loaded, without upsetting any other manual assignments you have made.

In the future, the idea is that you will be able to set up your own playback template, so you can specify a fixed configuration of sounds loaded into e.g. multiple instances of the ARIA Player, and then Dorico will do its best to route the instruments you add to your project to the sounds available in each VST instrument you have loaded.

Thanks Daniel! I was missing the option but it doesn’t work. The Snares won’t be assigned to an instrument.