Adding a rest in the middle of a voice (old project)

I’m revisiting an old project; I’m not sure whether I had removed a rest in the marked location, but in any case, I now want to put one here:

I don’t want to discuss the correctness of this, regarding voice leading etc., this is purely a software question :slight_smile: Namely, I have no idea how to do that. The ‘d’ in the upper left and the ‘a b c’ two bars later are in the same voice. When I select the ‘d’ in the upper left, press enter, move to the beginning of the next bar, and press “8 , d”, nothing visible happens. If I enter two half-notes and delete them, no rest appears. No object in the vicinity ends / starts a voice, as far as I can see.

I’d really appreciate some pointers. I’m still on 3.5. Thanks in advance!

Does the up-stem voice belong the top staff or bottom staff? If they belong to the top staff but appear crossed to the bottom staff, then Dorico won’t show rests.

Thank you. How do I check to which staff a voice belongs? When I click on a note, I can only see the stem direction and the number. For example, both staves contain ‘up-stem voice 1’.

And just to be sure, are you referring to the upper voice in bar 36?

View > Note and Rest Colors >Voice Colors
Select the D. In the Properties panel deselect Ends Voice (if set)
Select the A. In the Properties panel deselect Starts Voice (if set)

Thank you. The situation is at follows:

None of the notes in the two voices from the upper staff has the ‘Ends Voice’ / ‘Starts Voice’ property set.

I’m a daltonist so I may confuse the name, but I also tried now to use the lower voice in the upper staff, the orange [?] one. But again: when I select the ‘f’ in bar 35, press Enter, move to the beginning of bar 36, and press ‘8 , d’, the cursor moves correctly to bar 37, but no rest appears. What am I missing?

Check that the light blue rest at the end of bar 35 doesn’t have “Ends Voice” set. If it does, turn it off.

Thank you for the suggestion, but that’s still not it (the rest does not have the ‘Ends Voice’ property set).

OK. Double-click at the start of bar 36, top staff, ensure that the caret is showing a quarter note pointing upwards with no numbers (as though you were about to input notes into Up-stem Voice 1), then type Shift-B rest Enter. With any luck that’ll force a bar rest to appear.

That did it! Thank you very much, @pianoleo !

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