Adding a reverb on a microphone input

Hey Guys,

I’ve got a question. Sorry if it’s stupid, but i can’t get it done:
I want to add a reverb vst effect on my microphone input, but only for the playback in the mix. I don’t want it to be recorded while recording.

Singers sometimes ask if they can get a little reverb on their voice during a recording, and I just can’t get it done :frowning:.

I’m using C9.5.



If you’re monitoring through Cubase then you just need to put a reverb on the track you are recording to and set mix in the reverb to taste.

If you’re using direct monitoring then it’s a little more complex.
You create an extra dummy vox track with same input, turn the channel fader right down but send pre-fader to your reverb on an FX bus. The reverb must be set 100% wet as you have the dry signal in your direct monitor. Turn on the track monitor button and you should hear reverb.

It would help if you put your hardware set-up in your signature as some interfaces provide this facility without having to muck around in Cubase - or with Steinberg’s own interfaces - (ie UR44) have the cue mix controls available from the input channel themselves, ie using the excellent RevX onboard the DSP chip during tracking.