Adding a single staff ossia for a grand staff instrument

The ossia documentation shows a piano part with an ossia only for the left hand, below the grand staff. That’s exactly what I want. I would provide a link, but I can’t. It’s the picture in the topic " Ossia staves", with a “piu facile” left-hand ossia.

But when I look at the documentation for adding ossia staves, it says “For grand staff instruments, you can add two-staff ossias.” And that’s exactly what I get when I add one.

I have not been able to figure out how to modify the number of staves in the ossia after it’s added. How do I get what’s shown on the “Ossia staves” page?

Welcome to the forum @JasonE!

It should be as simple as just selecting something on the bottom staff - see here. The documentation specifies that you “can” add 2-staff ossias because that’s not the default, to do so you have to select items on both the top and bottom staves. I’m going to reword it though so that it’s clearer this is “up to”, not “only”, two-staff ossias.

Thank you for your answer. I thought it would be that simple as well, and it’s what I thought I had done.

However, I checked again and when I selected the notes it was also selecting the pedal marking, and it seems pedal markings are considered to be on both staves. When I deleted the pedal marking and tried again, I got the one-staff ossia I wanted.

This also explains why I had trouble copying from one piano staff to a single-staff instrument. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to select the notes without also getting the pedal markings but at least I understand why it’s happening now. Thank you.