Adding a slur adds a staccato -- bug?

Hi all,

in the short clip I…
click note
shift+right arrow
shortcut for staccato
right arrow
shift+right arrow
s for slur

As you can see, there is a staccato dot added without me pressing any key.


That is bizarre, but I can confirm it doesn’t happen to me. Does it do the same on a brand new project on your system, or is that perhaps an XML import?

No, no xml import.

After closing and restarting, it does not happen anymore. Yet…! Will post again if it returns.

OK, so it happened again. This time even weirder:


I think I have found the culprit. I have assigned a shortcut to the ¨ key with an AHK script. This key is not possible to use as a shortcut in Dorico’s routine, so when pressing ¨ AHK sends ] which is the standard shortcut for a staccato.
If I use the standard shortcut press (which is not completely straight forward on a Swedish system) the strange behaviour does not occur.

This is really perplexing though, because I have had this AHK setup for years and never ever had any problem with it.

Could this be related to the QT framework update?

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Did you not find in this earlier thread:

that you had to make some modifications to your AHK scripts due to the fact that Dorico 4.3.20 is using a later version of the Qt framework than before?

Yes, that was an easy fix, severe user error.
This is indeed the same script, but the problem is different. It apparently has to do with the use of the umlaut key – it seems as if any keyboard input after the use of that key will be distorted in some way. I will experiment further.

This is clearly on the AHK/Windows side though, so no shadow on Dorico.

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