Question related to the NumPad and scripts

Hi Dorico team,

After the latest update, my AHK scripts for the NumPad that I have been using with Dorico has all stopped working. The regular ones involving the QWERTY part of the keyboard work as usual.

What can I do to investigate this? Where should I start? Did something change in Dorico’s handling of the NumPad? The keycommands.json file seems to be the same as before (with my custom shortcuts).

Thanks a lot,

Dorico 4.3.20 does use a later version of the Qt application framework, but only a minor update. My guess is that some small change in there is responsible for the change in behaviour. What language keyboard layout are you using? Are you on Windows or macOS? What version?

Thank you Daniel,
I am on Windows 11 with Swedish layout.
I will make a short test with AHK 2.0, to see if that changes something.

It might also be instructive to try it with an English keyboard layout chosen.

Solved it.

I am used to updating the #IfWinActive statement in the script from Dorico 2 to 3 and to 4, but in this case it was the Qt part that had to be changed from Qt5153QWindowIcon to Qt51510QWindowIcon.

Thanks again!