Adding a Third Party Plug-In

I am trying to add the Miroslav Philharmonik as a VST plug-in for Cubase LE4. Can anyone walk me through how to do this? The manual wasn’t particularly helpful, Google wasn’t either, and doing a search on this forum, I wasn’t able to find any previous posts on the subject.

For some background information, when I go into the “Plug-in Information” tab, I am not seeing Miroslav listed. The program is successfully installed on my hard drive, and following the advice of another webpage, I also copied/pasted the .dll file from Miroslav into the Steinberg Plugins subfolder, but nothing…


Make a folder in the main Steinberg Program folder, not Cubase, and call it My Plugs. Put the .dll there and point to it in Plugin Info-VST 2.x paths. Restart Cubase.

Thank you for the information. I tried this, but it did not work. This is exactly what I have done, so please advise if I am missing something:

In Cubase LE4, I go to Devices: Plug-In Information.

I click on the “VST 2x Plug-in Paths”

I added the folder holding the Miroslav vst file (Philharmonik.dll). Only the DLL file is in this folder, not the entire program files for Miroslav. As instructed, I put this subfolder inside the Steinberg folder on my harddrive, but not actually in Cubase.

I click on the Miroslav mapping to “Set as Shared Folder”

I close Cubase, and restart (Cubase crashes when I close it, so I am forced to restart my computer entirely).

Upon restarting Cubase, I start a new project, go to Project: Add Track: Instrument.

Under the VST Instrument tab, there is only one option: HALion One (which shipped with Cubase).

Please help—I see someone else seems to be having a similar problem as I am in another post, so I will continue to watch this post and that post. Thanks

I should add that when I load the Plug-In Information tab upon restarting, the Miroslav program is not listed in the list of VST Plug-Ins. Not sure if it should be or not—it is not listed anywhere, although the path to the Miroslav subfolder I created is saved under the VST 2x tab.

Please help, I’ve gone through this process several times now and I havent made any progress.

Is it VST2 or 3? Is it listed in the Blacklist.XML file? Look to my sig for info.

Im not sure what you mean. When I open PlugIn Information, the default tab is “VST Plug-Ins”. There are several here listed as .vst3 files…? Is that what you are asking? Looking at the paths in this folder, I tried pasting the Miroslav .dll file into these paths, and updated the PlugIn Information tab, but it is still not showing.

I am new to Cubase and computer-based sequencing in general, so please don’t assume I know anything. Thanks

Is Miroslav VST 2 or 3? Look for a button in Plug Info labeled VST2.x Paths and do what I said above.

I only have a “VST 2.x Plug-in Paths” button within the Plug-In Information tab. WIthin this, I am only showing three file paths: one under Cubase labeled “VST Plug-Ins”, one under Steinberg labeled “VST2”, and one under Steinberg labeled “My Plug Ins”.

I have pasted the Miroslav .dll file in all three of these paths, closed/reopened Cubase, and tried both looking within the “Plug-In Information” tab to point towards the Miroslav vst (it is still not showing) and creating a new Instrument track where the only VST showing is HALion.

Ok, you should only put 1 .dll in the My Plugs folder and point to it. It may be Blacklisted so you need to check that Prefs file to see. My sig has more info on what/where.

I do only have one .dll in the folder it is pointed to. I went to your signature page, and was directed to go to the following path for PC Windows XP:
“System drive \Documents and Settings<your username>\Application data\Steinberg[Application]”

I don’t have such a path—when I get to my username, I have a few folders, but nothing named Application data…and nothing that would seem a likely substitute (I have folders like Start Menu, Desktop, My Documents).

I think I found the Blacklist file, in:C:\Documents and Settings\bardy\Application Data\Steinberg\Cubase LE 4\Vst2xBlacklist.xml

This is what was opened when I clicked on the Blacklist file:

- - - - - - - - -

Do I need to delete this file? As you can see, the Miroslav .dll file is listed.

Just in case your suggestion was to delete this file, I deleted it, then directed Cubase to the one PlugIn folder I have (which has the Miroslav .dll file in it), restarted Cubase, and still it is not locating Miroslav.

Is it still listed after re-start? If so, it appears you can’t use it.

The blacklist regenerates itself after I restart, and the Miroslav program is once again listed. However, it can’t be that I am not permitted to use it. I have seen substantial evidence on the web, including YouTube videos, of individuals using Miroslav Philharmonik with Cubase with no issues.

Go to kvr audio and download a free plug and try it.