Adding a way to load inserts POST fader

Im loving C13 so far , the whole systems seems a lot more responsive but one thing i find very clunky is the way to load inserts to Post fader :
If this is your very first post insert you have to load the insert to pre and then right click to menu ,‘move to post fader’ . BUT i do like the way you can move the green line so you don’t have to have all sixteen slots open .
Please can you think of a way to add post fader without the other steps first ?



In the MixConsole > Actions Menu > Selection Settings, you can enable Fixed Number of Slots. Then you can add the Post-Fader in the MixConsole. Or you can add one Insert as Post-Fader in the Channel and then move the greem line, where do you need it.

But then using fixed number of slots over rides the new behaviour of auto hide ? it makes no sense ,to me at least